Sunday, May 8, 2011


Guys that have been following my college picks and advice: I will be terning things over to Dan F. and Father Will.Both are just as anxious to help you as much as they can. So, I'll leave, for now, and mention ten colleges I think you should look at depending on your particular situation. Dan and Father has the formula I worked out for you. Using it should be fun. Here are the schools for the above average---you ain't Einstein, but you're not Mr. Fudd either---student. And to all of you "Prayers Ascending." I'll explain that later.
 Ten Colleges You Might Look At.
 Not in order of preference. Several in Ohio. I was offered job at one, so kind of know scene.

Hiram College (Ohio)
Marietta College (Ohio)
Wittenberg College (Ohio)
Emory and Henry (Virginia)
Hendrix College (Arkansdas)
Baker University (Kansas)
Benedictine College (Kansas
Saint Edward's (Texas)
Drury College (Missouri)
Lynchburg College (Virginia)

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