Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our wonderful teachers.

Well, back to the blog. I have a list to post on , but will do it one at a time. First of all the great bishops/teachers of our church. I notice that catholics supported Obama to a far greater extent than protestants did. our great "teachers" not even have support of their class. I assumed all the huffing and puffing and you're going to hell from our wonderful "teachers" would be taken a bit more seriously. Guess not.


  1. You should have joined "Catholics for Obama" Jack.

  2. Hi, suddenly sixty. Yah, I should have joined, but I am a bit more radical than evn that group. But my famiy worked hard for Obama. Jack

  3. Jack you would be surprised how liberal and radical our Roman Catholics for Obama was and still is. A great group of people and we got to know each other very well. And I'm glad that Catholics voted their conscience, just as we were told. Not how the bishops might have wanted us to, but sometimes the student knows more than the teacher.

  4. You seem to delude yourself into thinking that the bishops were somehow telling the faithful that they must vote for McCain. Have you ever read a single document the bishops have ever written concerning voting?

  5. Bill, I'M deluded!!! Of course the bishops don't say vote for McCain> They're a bit more subtle than that. But how you can read their huffings and puffings and not think they are saying 'don't vote for Obama' amazes me!!!

    I have shown quite clearly that the bishops are completely hung up on sex. So abortion at any state is murder because it would amount to sex without consequences in their jaded thinking.

    Indicentally I totally reject the idea that one cell is a human being.Even catholics don't believe that as they support about 90 percent the right to abortion in SOME cases.

    But still, good to hear from you. I'll read further on your blog. Jack