Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Poor old MP

Am not sure what is going on in Mad Priest land.But apparently he has lost his job. Other than blogging.

Now I really don't give a damn about his theologial stance. Looks like the same old arguments Christians have been quibbling over for centuries.

I have never met MP, but what I see on his blog, applying the name "Christian" certainly has to be a mistake.

He is a fake. He claims to be "liberal," open minded, and other good qualities. but actually is only 'open' to those who kiss his arse.

He whines and complains more than any person I've ever known.

His arrogance is stunning. Only the MP is ever right.

His effort to support himself by contributions from his 'community' is embarrassing.

MP's blog gave me lots of entertainment, but almost no enlightment.

He is a little loose with the truth.

I could go on, but enough for now.

MP is rude to others beyound all boundaries. He loves dogs---and that's good---but his attitude toward people


  1. hooker's three legged divanMarch 2, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    I'll bet that if you took your Risperdal as prescribed those voices would get back under control, nutjob. Does your case worker need to bring you back in to see the psychiatrist for another med check? Until you get stable I would make a point not to post what the voices are saying. Just a friendly suggestion. From your friend here in the Midwest.

  2. Been my experience that dogs adopt the behaviour patterns of their masters, Mark, a principle that holds here. Maybe Hooker is acquainted with the applications of Risperdal, whatever that substance might be.

    Emailed my email address to what I gather is your server a few minutes back. The message from me is genuine. Roger

  3. your friend hookerMarch 2, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Oh how romantic! Lapin finally gets a man. This is sweet!

  4. A hint of what you're missing, cast out of the Of Course I Must Be Right circle-jerk, Mark.

  5. hooker, what an appropriate name. I'll have to think it over.

  6. Hooker's the Matchmaker!March 2, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Well after getting you two together I should use the handle "Pimpdaddy."

    Who's paying?

  7. Get Haggar to set up one of them free-load PayPay buttons for you at "must be right", Three-Legged Crap.

  8. Mark

    I could be wrong but this is not the way to get written up in the London Times blogs.

  9. Do you ever write about any other topic, or do you plan to change the title of this blog to "The MadPriest Bashing Blog"?

  10. I don't know if this blog is "liberal."

    This blog certainly doesn't seem "Catholic."

    I see almost no mention of "sports" here, and the same can be said for "music."

    What happened to that?

  11. I have written on music several tmes. I wrote on sports when I first starting blogging.

    Do you compare my tepid little remarks about MP to his salacious post?

  12. Hooker, see what MP has done to you: Turned you into a total nut , just like your "master."

    You are still welcome here, but you might also try bathroom grafitti.

  13. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry it has come to this. It's truly heartbreaking.

  14. your friend hookerMarch 3, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    No, no. Please never go back to talking about sports or music. Your obsession is too fun to watch. I love laughing about how you can only think about one thing: your hurt feelings that one of your alternate personalities was insulted by a reader of another man's blog. I never believed that multiple personality disorder was real. But you have convinced me. Some of your old posts are logged under one name & signed under another. Then you try to say "that last post was by Mark." But all of these personalities are organized around your imagined enemy. Your personality is tied together by your hatred for a man you don't know. That's fascinating. I laugh but I really want to see more. Keep talking about MadPriest. No politics or sports or music please. It is just too interesting and too funny to stop now! I'm just fascinated with watching this train wreck.

  15. Hooker, somehow your passion for MP doesn't seem like just a mild friendship. But that's fine with me.

    Are you afraid to identify yourself? Talking about an obsession for someone else. Man, you have it hard.

    Are you a relative of MP or what is your relationship? Makes one wonder.

    Not being too swift you can't figure out why I use different names. Based on MP's little community'I am certainly entitled to be cautious about given too much personal information. And you, Hooker, have all the traits of a real weirdo. BTW did you help MP with the totally fake 'identification?

    Not having any real family or friends, MP did pretty well with creating a blog family.

    BTW, why do you think he has been such a disaster as a priest? I am pretty sure you probably know---from experience.

    With those thousands of 'rock" records MP should have plenty to listen to on long hauls.Or in his mental ward.

  16. hooked on watching this!March 3, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    Yes, yes. More of that. That's perfect!

  17. But Hooker, what is your madness for an Anglican priest? I think MP is not quite with it; but you are fascinated with a British cleric.Seems very strange.

  18. Your Ever Loyal HookerMarch 3, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    No, no, I promise you Mark/ John/ Sheldon/ (and all of the rest of the voices inside your head) I'm 100% fascinated with YOU now. You are the one that I find so interesting now.

    All you.

    Please tell us more about all of the personalities inside you. And talk more about your hatred for a man you've never met. The way that you use your imaginary ideas about and anger toward a stranger just to hold together the voices inside is fascinating. Just like all of the personalities in you!

    But really, you (y'all?) are my sole interest. I promise to be loyal!

    I know that Lapin/Roger will feel jealous but he always seems able to pick up scary riff-raff out of the gutters - so he can find another nutter to chase.

    Don't you know? I'm your personal troll now!

  19. Dear Hooker, rest assured that MPD actually IS real; I've seen someone in the midst of an episode, and a person really does change very visibly when it happens. It can be rather disorienting, kind of frightening and even embarrassing for the MPD person when they are "themselves" again.

    I've looked back at some of the earliest posts in this blog, and the writing style changes very dramatically...so either there are several people using this blog and it is not set up for each person to log in under their own username, OR this person really is MPD.

    Just my two cents.

    Please carry on as you were.

  20. I'm delighted you promise to come here so often.

    You do need a little work on figuring who I am. Old MP, your master, got it wrong twice and apparently you bought it. BTW you are so many "hookers" so I'm not sure you know what you're doing. But being a mental case or having one as a close friend does say something.

    I take it you're into something weird (bondage)or you wouldn't be hanging around a failed truck driver,mental case, and just fired priest.What proof do you need.

    Speaking of people, MP admits he was mentally ill. Did you meet him at the asylum? Must have because you are both somewhat off-center.

  21. One of the "50 most influential figures in the Anglican Church" (him and Giles Fraser) still at it by proxy, I see. Who could possibly have fed that piece of Bull Crap to Ruth?

    Multiple personality disorder, eh? At least no-one's accusing you of being a sociopath.

  22. Several people do use this blog. We do have a blog which my critics should know. I've said it many times. You need to read a little more carefully.

    Again WE do have a blog. I suspect the critics here could easily be one person; two at the most.

    You guys are afraid to give any hint as to who you are;I think the reasons are obvious. Afraid to be exposed as MP weirds.

    All the information you need about us is clearly revealed in our blog.Why don't you do the same!!

  23. You know, behavior that looks like dissociative identity disorder (i.e. multiple personality disorder, an old term) in an older person can be a sign of dementia. Same with obsessive behaviors, a sense of paranoia and oppositionality.

    Of course I don't know this blogger and wouldn't attempt to diagnose via blog. And the usual caveats apply: this isn't an attempt to diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders and anyone with any concerns should see their physician immediately.

    The evidence against dissociative identity disorder being a brain-based disorder is too strong. I'm sure that some people have demonstrated symptoms and even rapid shifts of appearance and behavior, but "multiple personalities" are simply impossible in the neural architecture. If anything it is a culture based behavior.

    And isn't all personal identity in a sense culture based? So if the only way a patient can deal with overwhelming pain is to believe a charlatan therapist or the movie Sybil and start demonstrating behaviors that mirror "multiple personalities" (believing it to be true) then you have a case at hand. But it is culture driven and mostly iatrogenic.

    Brain-based disorders (other than those caused by toxins) would have a broader spread of diagnosis. DiD is concentrated on the west coast of the US and tends to be found over and over and over again by the same few "true believer" clinicians. Google the story of Bennett Braun if you want to see one such charlatan in action. He ruined a lot of lives with this diagnosis. Luckily the authorities and courts finally stepped in to stop him.

    So before someone jumps in to make a diagnosis of MPD (DiD) with any individual or to believe that it is a real (brain based) disorder, give some consideration to other possibilities for the individual involved including dementia of various sorts, or Korsakoff syndrome (commonly found in heavy drinkers), or traumatic brain injury, or the influence of a poorly trained therapist, etc. etc. etc.

    Again, just a rant and not meant to diagnose, prevent or treat anything and not about any individual or individuals (including those present or not present on this blog). I just can't resist debunking all of the crap about DiD being a "real" disorder.

    -Dennis (a regular at OCICBW...)

  24. Good to see someone stopping by to be reasonable, Dennis - self included. The tension level might be lowered considerably were Jonathan to drop the inflammatory link to Mark's site that's permanently posted in his sidebar. Were he to post the same link to the site of a UK resident, he'd risk serious legal consequences, as he well knows. You'd think he'd have enough on his plate right now, without goading Mark for the hell of it and encouraging the more excitable of his crew to do likewise. Roger

  25. hook hook hookerMarch 4, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    Oh Lapin. I've been reasonable! If only you would stop stalking poor John/ Mark /Sheldon. Then things might calm down a bit. He doesn't need a fat old dear chasing him, you know.

  26. The only fat old dear chasing Mark is Jonathan, Hooker.

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  28. So much for "The Three Faces of Eve" i guess, Dennis. Did you ever see Joe Orton's "improved" version of the book's dust-wrapper? - one of the library book mutilations for which he and his lover and eventual murderer, Kenneth Halliwell, were jailed in 1962?