Friday, December 24, 2010


My mother-in-law came from a wealthy family in Pittsburg. Her family had a striking home in Pittsburg and  vacation home in Puerto Rico. She attended Finch college in New York City; and was a well known model in NYC. But her father lost 'it' all in the Great Depression.

But all was not lost. She married a successful attorney who in a few years became the general counsel for one of the largest oil company's in the US.

Her demon was alcohol. She was an alcoholic for years, until her death from too much drinking.

Her family took her, against her will, to psyciatrists and she spent a good deal of time in hospital mental wards. Her mental health doctors were unamimous in urging her family not to be what they called "enablers." "Enablers" were members of her family who justified her drinking and told her that her near paranoid attitude was OK.

So my point.. In the blog world there is a man of the cloth who delights in his misery. And his blog is nothing more than an army of enablers. These enablers lavish the man with justification for his battle with the demons of the world. The world is mistreating him, the enablers assure him. THEY THINK THEY ARE HELPING this man. BUT in their efforts they are simply enabling him to continue his unhealthy mental outlook.

This man of the cloth is being urged on by those who assure him he is justified in thinking the 'world' has picked him out for a bad deal. These people say they are helping this man. Apparently they do not see what they are doing.

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