Thursday, May 17, 2007

I guess people get tired of discussions on abortion. Both sides, pro life and pro-choice, have made their points and apparently nothing will change them. I am disturbed that the prolife people refuse to answer specific questions--they simply repeat the mantra "human life begins at conception." They refuse to admit any nuances. Any discussion about what this means brings only a repeat of the chant "Human life begins at conception" I have ask on several blogs for the prolife response to several questions, but never get a response to the questions but just a repeat chant of "human.................conception." On my previous post I proposed three questions, variations of which I have posted on other blogs. But, of course, no response. I'll probably never get one!!


  1. Well, Jackjoe, you're back, with polka dots. How are you?

    As to your questions, here are a couple of thoughts:

    I do not believe that a clump of undifferentiated cells is a person. When human life begins is a whole other question, which I am still pondering.

    Even the Roman Catholic Church allows abortion in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. I know they use the principle of the twofold effect as their argument in this case, however, according to their own thinking, they are permitting the ending of a human life.

    The pro-life slogan, "Abortion stops a beating heart," is quite effective, in my opinion. I have seen ultrasounds of a 13 week fetus, sucking its thumb, that looks very much like a baby. Abortion is a very difficult question for me.

    I would say that I am relucantly pro-choice, because I do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Having said that, I believe that abortion is very serious, and I would like to see the pro-choice folks treat it more seriously. It's much more than deleting spam or throwing away trash mail.

    If an abortion is to be done, the earlier, the better. In addition, we should put much more effort into preventing unwanted pregnancies, including education on and availability of contraception and making the morning after pill readily available.

    I realize that what little I have said here will very likely come back to bite me in the ass.

    Cheers to you and Alice.

  2. Cheers, grandme're! You are right--reluctantly pro-choice fits me too. I would never consider it myself, but I can see that sometimes things are not so clear-cut.

  3. Mimi, Caitilin. Listen I have enough passwords and user names to put google out of business!!I'm running 3 blogs at once, cause i always get new passwords etc. Of course I can't post on my own blog, but I can make comment on my post---crazy!!! I appreciate you looking me up.

    None of us like abortions, but there must be cases where it can be used. My point is simple: who is to determine who can have an abortion--the women and her doctor or the government. To me it's just that simple. Also to be a broken record, this is a difference between human "life" and a "person". I feel Roe v Wade is the best we can do. Viability is the best we have.

    On a personal level, Alice did my comments the last few weeks, at least most of them. Doing a bit better, but hell, what do I expect at 74! Thanks for your concern!! John

  4. Jackjoe, if you have done nothing that you consider worthwhile in the last few weeks, you have, without knowing it, given me many a laugh. I still think about your saying that you're so inept on the computer that you can't even find your own blog. I can relate to that because I'm pretty inept myself, just not quite that inept. It's good to know that someone is worse than I am.

    I pray you do lots better.

  5. It is sad that we humans only seem to have legal, and illegal. It should be more like Illegal, Discouraged, Legal, Encouraged. To some extent we do that with taxes, but it could be improved.