Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Return of Dusty Rhodes.

Some of you oldsters or movie fans may recall the 1957 movie "A Face In The Crowd."

A fast summary: The setting of the film is late 1950 when television is replacing radio as the means of mass communication. The main character is Dusty Rhodes, a coarse and abusive man who others find has acolloquial on air charm which quickly endures him to his predominantly rural listeners. From a little town in Arkansas, his popularity leads him to Memphis, then to a prime time show in NYC. He soon becomes a national phenomenon, some suggesting he might someday run for President of the U. S., and he becomes a national political figure. However, he is exposed as a fraud and loses his TV show. But his advisor says 'you'll be back but it won't be quite as fancy.'

Well, he is back. In a dress and glasses and, yes not as a presidential aspirate, but as a candidate for Vice-President.