Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yea, for torture

I've been waiting to see what develops in the "torture" of detainees revelations. So far we have debated whether the "memos" should have been released, whether the people who wrote the memos broke the law, and whether torture works. All of these debates are rather minor compared to the real issue: should human being torture each other for information, even "valuable" information?And a subsidiary question: although it is illegal, indeed unconstitutional, in the United States to torure, is it alright to torture if they are not U.S. citizens. Well Bush Chaney, Rice, Rumsfeld et al say "sure it's fine if it's in the interest of the U.S." And who will define that interest---officials of the U.S. goverrnment. Or let's go further and say if a majority of Americans favor torture of certain individuals, then we should torture?

Well, that's where we are in American today. Let's call it torture by public demand. After all, majority rules.

But you know, maybe the "right" to torture is good. I bet we could cut our crime rate, at least some, if we allowed torture of accused felons. I bet we Might, I repeat Might, get some valuable information on the plans of some who Might be planning a bank robery. Maybe a little torture of the possible suspects mothher or girlfriend or children. We kill each other in America at a rate that dwarfs anything Al Quieda has done. Let's go for torture , folks. It MIGHT help!!

Hey, and trials, and attorneys, and facing your accuser---these do nothing but protect the bad. That's what some people have been saying for decades.

And listen, you weaklings who squirm when you even think of a person being tortured. You're probably some 'pinko' scum bag that hates Merica.


  1. And the latest in the national stupidit contest, torture divison, it is still a tie.

    Unless I am stupider that both sides combined.

    Torture, Again

  2. Yeah, and one might notice that many of those that favor torture are the ones complaining of the "Cafeteria Catholics" out there!

    I have also noticed that many are now choosing their believes from time, since the Church teachings have changed on many subjects including torture. The cafeteria expands, and it appears that everyone dines there.

    Mike L

  3. Hank, left a comment on your blog. We do not use torture in our criminal justice system. Is Jeff's opinion that it is perfectly all right to torture as long as the person is not an American national? As I said on your blog, this is sick thinking.

  4. You build "IT" and they will come!

    "Jack you late!"

    Better late then never sinner vic!

    How you doing Jack?