Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Veep Stakes

I haven't written anything about the Veep Stakes yet. So here goes.

There are apparently 4 theories as to how the presidential candidates should pick a running mate. But first, why do they wait as long as possible? Well, the want to see the 'lay of the land.' If you are way ahead or way behind---that really effects your choice. But at this time when it seems close here are the four theories.

Theory One. Make it just a race between you and your head of ticket opponent. Just be safe on VP pick.

Theory two. Double up, that is pick someone who might emphasize your (presidential candidate) strengts.

Theory Three. Pick someone who helps in a key state.

Theory Four. Pick someone who might really help you overall .

Right now I see Romney for McCain (theory four) and Biden (theory four) for Obama.

These seem logical in what seems to be a close race. Both McCain and Obama might be forced to theory four.

I believe McCain sees himself a little behind at this time and would pick Romney because it might help him in Colorado, Nevada, with some rigid conservatives, and the age gap.

I believe Obama would pick Biden at this time. Never mind Delaware but Biden adds experience, knowledge, to Obama's weak point to some---his inexperience.

This can change with tomorrow's polls. As of this time, I believe these are the logical choses.

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  1. I think you are right on your choices. I like Biden. Will he bring in the Catholic vote? I know far right Catholics like to dismiss any Catholic politician who supports a woman's choice. The problem with Biden is he likes to talk and he is hard to control. Romney might help McCain's image and help with his lack of knowledge on economics, but I know these two men do not like each other that would make for 4 very long years.