Monday, March 2, 2009


My wife works two days a week at a needlepoint store. One of a co-workers, a Presbyetrian, for the last two years had skipped lunch for Lent. She didn't this year because she felt it put pressure on the other ladies because they hated to ask her to take her turn in going out to get lunch and bringing it back since she was not eating lunch.

At mass yesterday , the young priest told the congregation that a man had told him he gave up soft-drinks for Lent and the man had become grumpy an ill-tempered with his family. The priest praised the man saying what we give up during Lent should "hurt."

I guessed I missed the point as did my wife.


  1. A former pastor of ours, on old school Irish priest, would say yes it should hurt, but remember you are the one doing the penance, not those around you.

  2. Hi, Hank,

    Might this be a case for married clergy? Just a question. I actually like the young priest I quoted. But he apparently didn't think through what he said. Jack