Friday, October 1, 2010

False Witness

I have a question for St. Mimi and her friends on the MP blog. Several months ago MP posted on his blog two totally false posts. One gave some information about "me" which was purportally showing my address, phone no.and other personal information. Well. okay you say,BUT every bit of information was completely false. Then MP posted a photograph of "me." BUT the photograph had no similarity to me. Wherehe got the photograph, I have no idea

Now I realize the MP gang ST.Mimi, for example and Wormwood, like to reject any critical comments coming to their blogs. Their new pose  seems to be the tough bartender babes(:); mixed in with ain't we the most pious "Christians you ever met. "

Two questions then: Did any of the gang realize the MP material about me was false, and did any of the gang protest these lies or did the gang think these lies did not violate the "False Witness" commandment.

I'm rather sure I won't get a response, but just doing a little character checking.

BTW I am beginning a new blog devoted almost exclusively to the MP scene. It will be difficult I know, because the gang wil try to block any criticism. The blog is 'Franklance'. It should be interesting since I now have contacts in England. Rather interesting.

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