Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Pedophile Heterosexual Priests

Since Vatican2 and the sex abuse scandal in the church, a civil war has been raging in the church. To be decided: Do the laity have any voice in the direction of the church or is this only a matter for the hierarchy. So a brief look at the sex abuse scandal.

At first the church claimed the sex abuse scandal was just a media circus. But as more information came out, the situation seemed more serious. So statements, reports committees, commissions all seeming to say there was a problem. It looked bad for the clergy and the bishops frantically covering up the situation. Then, MANNA FROM HEAVEN for the clerics!!The Rand Report said there were no more pedophiles in the church than other occupations---including Mississippi prison guards it would seem. The hierarchy was ESTATIC!!!!! Some had hoped, mistakenly apparently, that God's chosen on earth might be less likely to molest children. Foolish people!

But maybe further action was necessary. So the church launched a furious attack on homosexuality. Now it is true that the church clearly has a higher degree of homosexuals in its clergy than other professions have among their members. Nationwide about 15 percent of child sexual abuse cases have males as the victims. In the church over 80 percent of child sex abuse cases have males as the victims. BUT, and this is important, there is NO evidence that a homosexual will molest a child than will a heterosexual. The church played with the male abuse figure by saying more males were "available" for sexual molestation than females. Hmmm?

I believe the answer to the diproportionate number of male victims and the coverup is rather clear. ONE: A significant number of bishops are homosexual. TWO: The bishops desired to protect the reputation of the church, of which they were the leaders. THREE: Celibacy is not a cause, but the decisions of sometimes young men to become priest and to forego all sexual life, may lead to decisions by those too immature to make such a decision. The church admits this.

I think none of us who have seen the interviews ot the victims of sex abuse can forget one clear impression. The overwhelming, if naive, trust the parents of these boys and the boys themselves had in priests---elevating them to almost god like level. And I think the priest themselves felt some self-adulation, as the representatives of God on earth.

Okay, the church seems to have a simple solution. Blame it on homosexualiity and hope that, at the minimum, more heterosexual pedaphiles will apply for the seminary.


  1. I guess I would sum UP your post by simply saying that two or more wrongs will not make ONE Right!

    Would I get an Hey Man, I mean Amen to that?

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  3. I'm not sure what you mean, but at the least you are willing to see different points of view rather than just hierarchy propaganda.

  4. To be honest Jack, what I really mean to say is that we should all seek to improve ourselves with God's Help.

    I hear ya! In that case you should start with yourself first sinner vic!

    God Bless,


  5. I am improving myself. Get sharper everyday. Jack