Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Tenors

To continue a bit on my "lists." For about 55 years I have been particularly interest in tenor singing. I think I had a very large collection of recording of great tenors. I have listened to these year after year and in 2001 published my list of my favorites. Really more than my favorites, because I consulted every book I could find on these singers to check to see that others, much more qualified than I, might give me an insight I needed. One caveat: All of these men made recording in the "electrical" era. Many of them were also active in the "acoustic" era. But I do not include on my list singers who recorded ONLY in the acoustic era. Not in order of preference.

John McCormack
Tito Schipa
Richard Tauber
Jussi Bjoerling
Ferruccio Tagliavini
Carlo Bergonzi
Guiseppe de Stefano
Antonio Cortis
Frita Wunderlich

I heard in person Bjoerling,Tagliavini,Bergonzi,de Stefano

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