Friday, July 31, 2009

Mad Priest Coverup. Part 5

Let me summarize this topic with a few thoughts.

One. As so many said about Nixon and the Watergate scandal: The coverup is worse than the "crime."

Two. It seems clear that my version of the dispute is essentially correct. I say this because it would be quite easy to show I was wrong by 'releasing the original exchanges.

Three. I believe the person who first made the assertion that my son had "plunged into her house etc." responded the way she did because she was not aware of the questions by my son as to whether he could ask a question.

Four. My son's responses were far less inflamatory than the charges leveled against him by the "community."

Five. We were not aware that one had to pass an 'initiation' examination to comment on the MP blog.

Six. I would suggest that a person be required to pee on a picture of Rowan Williams, and submit proof of such, to enter the outer precints of the "community."

Seven. I believe the MP blog is hysterically anti-catholic, and this may have played a role in the dispute.

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