Friday, November 2, 2007

Anna, Liam, Jeff-----My thanks

By this time next week I will be RC. I am glad, of course. You bloggers out there have been very helpful. Dear Anna, who is always there; Liam , who has helped three boys who need help; Jeff who knows me better maybe than I know myself. And there are others who have shown an interest in me , my family, and Frank especially. But I would not be true to myself if I did not say my one regret on blogdom is "sick mike." I think he comments on Jeff's blog where we had a little dispute and Mike sent me a...well...sick email. My counsin RCA who is back in town this week, and who is not very sympathetic to catholicism, is most distressed that I would belong to anything associated with "sick mike." Jeff does not want me on his blog, but continuues, it seems to me, to pander to "sick mike."But the comments above give me something for my first "reconciliation." Thanks. Jack


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're home, Jack. And glad you are becoming Catholic.

    Don't let Mike's email be a cause for a sin. It's just not worth it. Being defensive when you're attacked is only going to make you more unhappy and make it that much harder to get closer to God. Pray for Mike and do your best to let it go, is my advice.

    Tell Robert that there's nothing wrong with being associated with sinners. After all, the one we follow - Jesus Christ - never let the fear of being associated with sinners get in the way of doing what was right.

    Besides, to God we're all sinners. For any of us (you, him, me) to not want to be associated with Mike or anyone else - that's like saying we who are 10.4 on the holiness scale can't stand to be with those who are only 10.35 - when all the time God is way out past a million (out to infinity), and we're all *supposed* to be at a couple hundred. Or, as someone else put it, the Catholic Church is a hospital for sinners, not a congregation of those who have already achieved sainthood.

    Give my regards to Frank and Robert and Alice. God bless, Jack.


  2. Fine. Full recognition for my Anglican background. More later. Thanks for your support!! Jack