Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog help. Don't be fooled.

We all know, of course, that there are actually no enforceable rules in "blogging." Every day, it seems, new blogs appear. So here are a few helpful tips for you new to the blogosphere.

One. If you see a good blog, bookmark it so you can get there fast. I have 5 bookmarked, so its a breeze to check them out each morning.

Two. Find out from other bloggers what blogs will "ban" you if you don't agree with the blog owwner. These are the blog "hiders"and "scaredy cats." There is usually something fishy about the blogs that block.

Three. Be careful of the "comment moderation" blogs. They only want you to" gush" over the owner.

Four. Don't waste too much time with blogs that are used by strange people to form a support group for themselves. One I know is a former inmate of insane asylums.

Five. If the blog has nothing but wild praise for the blog owner, you're wasting your time.

Six. BE VERY CAREFUL of bloggers that solicit money---some just for their own pleasure and use. You can't get all of these "moochers" on TV,but there's at least one blogger who begs you to give to the "cause"----himself.

Seven. And some of worst blogs actually set up PAYPAL accounts.

Eight. Watch out for bloggers who are always talking about "trolls" and use the word "boring" to describe other bloggers. This is a blog trick used by some blog owners out of fear they'll expose the blog owner as a bit of a scared patsy.

Hope this is helpful.


  1. Hey Buddy! I'm not in any of those eight named, Am I?

    I just thought that I would ask cause you've got sinner vic sweating here a little on the side line about "IT", if you know what I mean? :)

  2. Victor, You would be on my BEST list of bloggers. You don't do ANYTHING these bad bloggers do.

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