Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mad Towers. Mimi

To move on with brief sketches of some characters from the soon to be released novel "Mad Towers"(BTW, I own the movie rights) we come to who must be considered the principal antagonist, Grandmere Mimi.

This "lady" lives in one of the most primitive states in the United States--Louisianna. This state ranks near last in medical care for the inhabitants(significant later) and is governed by---you won't believe it---an Indian(the country), Roman Catholic convert, EXORCIST, who--hold on--has a pronounced "gay" wrist!!

Probably sensitive to her location on the globe, Mimi desperately covers herself with a more exotic patina. Where possible she 'drops' a little French---she recently fell in love with bete noir---devoting a whole essay to such "Noirs". Her optician is in New Orleans, of course. For her descriptive theme, she uses the first words of Mimi's aria from La Boheme, "Mi Chiamano Mimi". A touch of Italian. Not too much though. Those Italians are such crude Papists.

But her real dream, hope, prayer, is to be metamorphised into something out of a Jane Austen novel. She apparently reads these over and over and ---just a suggestion---might be available to do an Austen character in full costume at your lesbian ladies garden club. She is a anglophile, refuses to sing "My Country Tis of Thee", instead substituting, in all instances "God Bless Our Gracious Queen.!" And the mark of all English gentle ladies--TEA. The rumor is she would prefer the Sacrament be changed TEA, not wine. After all, God is a gentlemen! Should she get this desired reform, the TEA would have to be made ONLY from tea leaves, brewed by the special Colonel Hard---excuse me, Grandma Mimi formula. Watch for these fey "Tea" discussions and run!! Yes, men do LOVE to discuss TEA. Well, at least some.

This love of the old country extends in her worship of, at least some form, of Anglicanism. We have to say "some form" today as the differing groups fight to the death. Next to her devotion to the LGBT cause, this is her life. She once travelled to England to be 'received' by the Master of Mad Towers---a supposed curate---to receive his benediction. (Do Anglicans get benedictions, kiss rings etc; probably a bit crude for The Church Of Good Manners. )

Her early writings were accepted, but only took off when the Master of Mad Towers suggested she spice things up for todays readers by throwing in some "naughty"(tee hee) words and to openly discuss and refer to, at every chance, the male reproductive organ--OPENLY, with suggestive pictures.. In addition a slight change to your local bar-maid attitude (like 'I don't take no crap,bud') has greatly increased her readability.

And pictures!!! She loves them, especially of herself. To my knowledge she has been photographed from some quaint village in England to the "gay"--excuse me, the Episcopal General Convention--streets of San Francisco.

As to her friends, most seem to be in some serious health or accident problem. By my calculation, she spends close to 15 hours a day in prayer for others. Of course, she doesn't guarantee cures, but is probably the closet thing we have 'overhere' to Lourdes. I have heard, but with no proof, that she plans to put Louisiana swamp water into small containers, as a cure for hemmeroids.

I must close by saying she has incited the envy of some bloggers by being the subject of a rather good caraciture. Unfortunately it is sometime paired with some Rasputin like 'wacko.'

So all the way from singing at a pentecostal church to queen of the queens in just three or so years. Not bad, eh? Okay, cheap shot. Her work for the LGBT community is her real glory. REALLY!

Amor ti vieta.

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