Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tracie the Red...Mad towers must have.

The editor and I have been struggling all morning with the Mad Towers character "Tracie the Red" She IS the only female member of the 'neighborhood' that exudes even the faintest aroma of sexuality. (Da-Veed has the male 'scent' to himself.)

But we do have our problems. She 'opens' her blog, then closes it, then 'opens' it, then closes it and on and on. Hard to get a consistent persona.

Then the "Joe" thing. Who in the hell is Joe?? Her husband, her boyfriend(I'm being nice), her brother, her bishop? (Yes, bishops are looking for jobs, mainly in Africa.) Just don't know. She fights with Joe like cats---excuse me--- Anglicans.
Once we had a whole series of 'fights' dealing with The Red trying to get Joe to go to a job interview at some restaurant, I believe.

And then, we can't tell, is she a wicken(sp?), druid princess. Unitarian-Universalist---assuming there are distinctions. BUT, she hangs around with Anglicans. Well maybe that isn't an inconsistency.

For the movie we would have to work on a facial 'tic' she has. That is, she is always saying "roll eyes" in her writings. Of course that could that be an imitation of a Sarah Palin wink?

The biggest problem in determining her persona is her relationship with MP, the master of Mad Towers. When ever she is around him she literally drools with praise/admiration of the Master. I'm not at all suggesting "eros", but possibly "agape?". At times, cruelly, the Master mercilessly berates her. Some have suggested he found out she had bought a Richard Dawkins book and caused the Master to have a seizure!!

So yes, we must have her in book and movie. We still have to clear up "A Guy Named Joe" Mimi may remember this mid forties movie.

BTW, we have contacted Doris Day to see if she might be available for the Tracie role. We could do her in VERY SOFT focus.

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