Saturday, June 13, 2009

Church of Christ---BORING

Still coming up from the bottom on the "Religion Rankings." Here we are at the Church of Christ. A fundamentalist goup, this flock is best known for having no musical instruments in their services. Musical intruments were not mentioned in the Bible in the early church---so that settles it. Too bad Bach! This church has a typical fundamentalist theology. Their churches are not that bad---kind of boring and unimaginative but not eye sores. They even have a couple of half-way reputable institutions of higher learning. Not much else to say.

If your daughter wants to marry into this group---well, she could look for a little more inspiration if they had organs etc, but if boredom is her thing, she's found the right place. Sorry to be so dull, but dealing with this group---boring.

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  1. Robin Anderson...rrtanderson@yahoo.comAugust 21, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    I have to say I found your approach to evaluating different churches to be refreshinly honest! I happen to be a member of the Church of Christ...and it's true we don't use instruments. This fact also puzzled me when I first began attending. I'd grown up being dragged to every kind of "christian" church out there. Once I began to seek truth over entertainment in the church setting, however, I found that the Church of Christ, and it's plain service, also to be refreshingly honest. No man-made agenda, just the Bible. I now appeal to God, and not to my senses, as so many churches do. It's almost as if many people out there feel that God needs a little help... so they dress church up and disguise it to the point where they seem ashamed to just lay it out there plain and boring like;-) In a world where people lack boldness...I applaud you! I respect you! And I wish you well in your search for truth!